Year 2 Weekly Update


This week it was essential that the children had the opportunity to discuss and share strategies for checking addition and subtraction calculations. The children were reminded that checking calculations was not restricted to only using the inverse, alternatively, they were encouraged to use concrete resources, number lines and estimating as part of a wide range of checking strategies in class.

The children were examined number sentences to find missing values by using structure rather than calculation. The focus of this small step is using numbers within 20 to explore mathematical relationships within the context of familiar numbers. The children were able to compare similar calculations using greater than, less than and equals signs.


In year 2 we have continued to write about the ‘ The lighthouse keepers lunch’, this week our focus has been to use commas in a list. The children have thoroughly enjoyed picking delicious food for our main character Mr. Grinling to eat. Year 2 have also enjoyed learning a variety of tongue twisters to perform to the class. Below there is a tongue twister that you can learn at home.