Year 5 Weekly Update

We have had another fantastic week of learning in year 5!
The children have been solving problems using addition and subtraction in maths. In RE, the children learnt about Rosh Hashannah and in English we have been writing persuasive letters from Anne Boleyn to Henry VIII, asking to be freed and not executed! Perhaps if we had written our letters hundreds of years ago, poor Anne may have been spared!

The children have been learning -able/-ible words in spellings and trying to find a pattern for when to use -able and when to use-ible. It’s harder than you might think! With that in mind, it’s best just to learn a few examples, so here are the spellings words to learn this week:

Please continue to practise times tables at speed with your children. There are plenty of apps and games out there to support times tables learning too. Also, children should be reading for 20 minutes every evening. If you would like to write a book review with your child over the weekend, we would love to display it in our reading corner! (Book reviews are optional, not mandatory homework)

Enjoy your weekends!
Miss Coy and Mrs McDonagh