Year 2 Weekly Update

RE: In RE we are learning to recognise and recall the story of baby Moses. In class, we read the story of when God chose Moses to help his people. We thought carefully about the feelings of each of the characters in the story. The children then selected a character and acted out their role in this special bible story. The children were encouraged to use interesting vocabulary as they expressed in the first person how they were feeling at different points in the story.

Maths: We have been counting on and back in 2s, 5s and 10s from different numbers; the children were encouraged to not always start from zero and to look for patterns as they counted e.g.

What do you notice?

Are the numbers getting bigger or smaller each time? By how much?

Can you spot a pattern?

Why is it the odd one out? Can you correct the mistake?

We then moved onto counting in 3s from any multiple of 3. The children used resources such as a number track, a counting stick and concrete representations to support their understanding of counting on and back.

Literacy: This week we the children have been reading and writing about ‘The lighthouse keepers lunch’ written by Ronda and David Armitage. The children have enjoyed reading this book and have continued to sequence and retell different parts of the story throughout the week.  Our grammar focus has been full stops and capital letters.