Year 4 Weekly Updates

We are eagerly anticipating the trip to Tolmers this week. It looks set to be a really incredible experience.

For spellings this week we are looking at the sound /aw/ spelled with either augh or au.


Please practise using appropriate strategies and discuss the meaning of each word in the context of using it in a sentence. We will be checking the 2, 3. 5 timetables table on Monday morning.

Literacy: The children have written amazing historical narratives of Boudicca’s revolt against the Romans. The creative use of time adverbials has been very impressive. When we return, we will explore different types of adverbials through writing a recount of a gladiatorial combat.

Maths: Having consolidated rounding, we have moved onto other aspects of place value such as counting in 1000’s, 1000’s, 100’s, 10’s and 1’s and then we will continue onto partitioning.

RE: We will be writing up an interview with Joseph to understanding the meaning of God’s plan for him and the message in the scripture. As we continue, we will return to other biblical figures in the scripture such as Moses and David to gain greater understanding of God’s message to us.

Music: The children have moved on to learning their first jazz piece – Linda’s blues – using both the notes A and B.

Geography: We have reproduced aerial maps of Verulamium using a key.

History: We have looked at timelines of the Roman Empire.

Art: The children made fantastic starts to their mosaics. Many created quite intricate and detailed boarders which are looking quite spectacular. Many thanks to all those who donated resources, this all proved incredibly useful!!

We look forward to the week ahead.

Y4 team