Year 2 Weekly Update

On Friday, Year 2 travelled to Shoeburyness and immediately demonstrated their brilliant learning by pointing out all the different human and physical features that they could see. The behaviour of the children was outstanding and they were a real credit to St Catherine’s. The teachers were all very proud! Thank you to all involved for making this trip a real success.

Maths: The children are now secure in their knowledge of tens and ones and how to place numbers on a place value chart. This week we have introduced comparing objects. We compared a variety of objects using the vocabulary more than, less than and equal to and the symbols < and >. We discussed the following questions: How can you arrange the objects to make them easy to compare? Do groups of ten help you count? Why?

The children were then able to move onto comparing numbers using the language greater than, less than, more than, fewer, most, least and equal to. They were able to use the symbols <, > and = to write number sentences.