Year 2 Weekly Update

RE:  In our lessons the children heard the story of Abraham and they were invited to imagine that they were in Haran with Abraham. The children had the opportunity to ask and answer wondering questions, e.g. What questions do you think Abraham would have wanted to ask God? How was Abraham going to tell his wife Sarah that they were leaving their home? The children spent time reflecting on their understanding of the story through their written work and were able to discuss the importance of God being everywhere but he guided Abraham in a special way and Abraham put his complete trust in God even when he was not sure where he was going or what was happening.

Maths: The children built on previous learning on the part whole model and how tens and ones can be partitioned and recombined to make a total. This small step focused on using the addition symbol to express numbers to 100. For example 73 can be written as 70 + 3 = 73.

The children are now beginning to formally present their work in the correct place value columns to aid understanding of place value. It is important for children to use concrete, pictorial and abstract representations in their place value chart.

Geography: The children have been learning about human and physical features of the seaside. They have been using geographical vocabulary to refer to physical and human features. In the lesson the children have been looking at pictures, maps and have spent time discovering the beaches that we have in the United Kingdom.

This is preparation for our trip to the seaside this week.

Key vocabulary: beach, cliff, pier, sea, harbour, village, town, and promenade.