Year 2 Weekly Update

Maths: This week, we have been learning to represent numbers to 100 using a range of concrete materials e.g. number beads, dienes and numicon. The children were asked to identify how many tens and ones were in each number. It is important for the children to understand that 1 ten is the same as 10 ones.

Each child used a variety of concrete resources to partition numbers to show an understanding of what each digit represents. They explored the concept of 2-digit numbers being made in a variety of different ways e.g. 45 = 4 tens and 5 ones or 3 tens and 15 ones etc.

RE: In our RE lessons, we were learning to recognise the gifts given to us by God. In class we participated in a whole class prayer session, where we thanked God for choosing us. We then worked in groups to create a mind map of the important gifts each person in the group has that can be used to help others. Each group were then given the opportunity to present our learning to demonstrate that we have all been given gifts from God.​