Year 4 Weekly Update

It has been a wonderful start to the year. We are pleased to see the children come into school bright and enthusiastic and settling in so quickly. Thank you once again to our parent volunteers for helping on our trip to Verulamium Museum last week and for swimming this Monday.

The trip was a brilliant success and we were so pleased to see the children asking really thoughtful questions about the objects they examined. We shall be creating our own mosaics based on the sketches and design ideas from the museum pieces. To make these mosaics we will be using dried beans in a variety of colours that would have been similar to the Roman palette e.g. kidney beans for red, black beans for black, white beans and even dried corn kernels for yellow (peas, lentils) etc. If you are able to donate any packs of dried beans we would very much appreciate it. We are considering using CD cases to encase the artwork for display. If you able to donate any clear, thick CD cases please contact Mr Bell or Miss Grace by emailing the school office.

Literacy/Topic: Using powerful adjectives and descriptive phrases we will be writing profiles of roman soldiers. In the coming weeks, we will writing historical narratives of the battle Queen Boudicca waged against the Roman Empire.

Maths: The children have investigate roman numerals both writing and performing addition and subtraction using them. Going forward we will be looking rounding numbers to 10 and 100.

RE: For our first unit of work we are exploring the Bible discussing and examining what different parts its compiled of and referencing different verses from it. We will be moving onto the story of Abraham and Sarah over the next week.

Science: We are setting up a year round experiment observing changes over time. Just as the roman coins we saw at Verulamium had weathered and tarnished over time, we will investigate how a modern coin will change in different environments over the year.

Geography: We will retrace our route around Verulamium creating our own maps and highlighting key features using symbols.

History: The children will place key historical facts and dates on a timeline.

Music: On Wednesday the children will start to learn the correct posture and hand position to play their first note B on the recorder.

It will be an exciting and jam-packed half term for the children, one that we are looking forward to!

Year 4 team