Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors

Our four new Year 2 RRS Ambassadors are  Kehinde and Kathryn from 2H and Gabriella and Taiwo from 2R.  The year 6  Rights Respecting Ambassadors met with them today.

We look forward to working with them in September as we embark on another exciting year at St Catherine’s. Martins School are visiting in October.

Good luck to our year 6 Ambassadors as they journey on to their new schools and a very big ‘thank You’.

RRS visit Hatfield House

On Thursday  Gaia,Charlotte, Martyna, Johnny, Kimmianne, and Gabriel visited Hatfield house to speak about their work as RRS Ambassadors since year 4.

The event was held at The Old Palace. We were one of three guest speakers at this annual event. Firstly Mike Penrose , Executive Director of Unicef UK spoke followed by Unicef ambassador Martin Bell. Mike Penrose introduced the children from St Catherine’s School.  The children shared their experience of embedding the CRC (Convention of the Rights of the Child) and what it means to them. The children were truly amazing. They spoke with such clarity and confidence and it was evident that being a Rights Respecting Ambassador has positively impacted both on our school but also on them as wonderful individuals. So many of the guests came over during the tea party to congratulate the children from year 6. We are so proud of them. Thank you to Mrs Reeve and Mrs Ward who accompanied us to this event. Their speeches are on the website in the Special Newsletter Edition on the Rights Respecting page.

Mrs Ainger