What will we be learning about next week in Year 1?


The children will be writing about their favourite memories from Year One and practising to reread what they have written to check it makes sense.


We will be recapping polysyllabic, compound, tricky words and contractions, as well as sounds from phase 4 and 5.


The children will be comparing time and participating in some fun Maths activities which will help the children recap various topics in the curriculum.


The children will be learning about living, non-living and dead things, as well as naming a variety of wild plants.


The children will be learning how Jesus responded to the faith of a blind man (Bartimaeus) with compassion.


The children will be looking at towns in the UK and explaining where they live in the UK. The children will then practice saying their address, but at the same time be reminded, as always, to never give out their personal information to someone they do not know. In emergency circumstances however, they may need to tell the police.


The children will have a transition circle time to give them the opportunity to talk through any concerns or queries about Year 2.

Miss Pascali and Miss Grace