Global Learning – Learning with Year 5

What is a biome?

Biome is a large geographical area of distinctive plant and animal groups, which are adapted to that particular environment. The climate and geography of a region determines what type of biome can exist in that region. Major biomes include deserts, forests, grasslands, tundra, and several types of aquatic environments. Each biome consists of many ecosystems whose communities have adapted to the small differences in climate and the environment inside the biome.

As part of the year 5 Family Learning afternoon they had planned activities about creating a 3D model of a biome. The parents and children worked together and the results were truly amazing. Here is a selection of photos and comments  centred around this very productive afternoon.

As a team we all put the same amount of effort in and we worked together as team. ‘

‘I really enjoyed not having to follow a set plan. We could use our creativity and imagination. Everyone’s biome was unique. We didn’t have to copy something and we could magpie ideas from each other. ‘

I liked how everyone got to have a go at creating the biomes and our parents were allowed to help us with this challenge.’