Year 2 Weekly Update

Maths: This week, we concluded our topic of Position and Direction. The children used their knowledge of movement and turns to describe and record directions. The children needed to be aware of the directions the objects were facing at various times in order to complete turns correctly and turn in the right direction.

We built on previous knowledge of patterns and repeating patterns from Year 1 and the children used their understanding of turns to create patterns that involved direction and turns. The children were able to use the language ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘clockwise’ ,’anti-clockwise’, ‘quarter’ , ‘half’ and ‘three quarters’ to create and describe patterns.

Towards the end of the week, we began our new topic ‘Statistics’. The children were able to practise counting in 5s and were introduced to the vocabulary total, altogether, more, less and difference when collecting and recording their data on a tally chart.

RE: During our RE lessons this week we have been learning about the Hindu faith as part of our ‘Other Faiths’ topic. The children spent time learning about and researching the Hindu religion. We then looked at some of the similarities and differences between the Hindu faith and Christianity.