Year 6 School Journey

The children and staff  had an amazing week full of wonderful activities, laughter, teamwork and so much more!  A special ‘Thank You’ to all the adults who gave freely of their time, leaving their homes and families to accompany us. Thank you to our wonderful class teachers– Mrs Van den Abbeele, Mrs Sadler and Mrs Carruthers, Mrs Zacharias and Mrs Kraushar who  took responsibility for first aid, Mrs Ghandi, Mrs Ikibiroglu, Miss Boyce and Miss Byrne. Thank you to ALL the childen for making this such a memorable week. The children has such a fun– packed week, enjoyed the delicious food and scenery and had the opportunity to work alongside other children in their year group.  Thank you to Mrs McKenzie and Mrs Ward for helping me in the organisation of such a big event for our children.

Mrs Ainger