5B Prayer service

Thank you to Miss Burgess and Class 5B for preparing our prayer service this week. They gave us the opportunity to reflect on two very important people– Saint Peter and Saint Paul. On the 29th June we celebrate the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Peter was a good leader, so God put him in charge of the other Apostles. He was the first Pope.  Paul was a good speaker and letter writer, so God gave him the job of telling people about Jesus. Paul travelled to many countries, such as Crete and Italy. He also wrote to people in other countries, such as Greece.

The children spoke with such confidence and  sang beautifully. They reminded us that we are all part of God’s family- ‘The Church’ and that like Saint Peter and Saint Paul we should use our talents wisely. The children were delighted to see so many of the parents gather to hear their message. We are extremely proud of the children.