Year 2 Weekly Update

Maths: The children recapped on their Year 1 learning by comparing the mass of different objects. They initially used balance scales to compare two objects and then moved onto comparing mass using < and > and ordered objects based on their mass.

In Year 1, the children experienced measuring mass using nonstandard units. In Year 2, they developed this knowledge and understanding by using gram and kilogram weights and balance scales before moving on to use standard scales. The children applied their counting in 2s, 5s and 10s skills to measuring mass and reading scales in grams and kilograms.

RE: In our lessons we learnt about when the apostles received the Holy Spirit and went out to spread the good news. We reflected upon the story and thought about how we too can spread the good news. The children retold the story by imagining that they were in the Upper Room with the apostles.

Literacy: In Literacy Year 2 have been writing about a real life events, the children wrote about their adventure to the Golden Hinde. The children had to include all KS1 punctuation and a variety of adjectives to describe their experience of the trip.

The children have also started their new topic ‘Bounce’ and have begun writing their very own stories.