What will we be learning about next week in Year 1?

The children will be reading the book, ‘The Room on the Broom’, after which they will spend the morning in the forest with a special visitor collecting ‘ingredients’ for their own potion. They will also be looking at how to spell plural words by adding –s or –es.

We will be looking at letters that make alternate sounds e.g. /g/ for ‘gate’ and for ‘giraffe’.
The children will be comparing and ordering numbers, as well as working out one more, one less (for numbers above 50).
The children will be learning all about the life cycle of a butterfly by observing our rapidly growing caterpillars. They will be asking questions, researching their answers and then creating posters of the life cycle of a butterfly.
The children will be looking at the miracle of change. We will be trying to understanding that some things about us have changed and some things will not change by looking at photos of ourselves over the past 5-6 years.
FOR NEXT MONDAY 17th JUNE: Please could the children bring in photos of when they were a baby, a toddler, 3 and 4 years old. They will be returned by the end of the week. Thank you!

We will be learning about the difference between a need and a want, as well as the importance of saving our money and looking after it in public.
Miss Pascali and Miss Grace