Family Learning Afternoon on Friday 5th July

12pm to 12:15pm – Parents are invited onto the premises via the playground gate, where they will be asked to sign in.

12:15pm- Playground gate will be closed. 12:15 pm All classes to be brought onto the playground and wait in their usual dismissal lines where parents may collect their children for their family picnic. The remaining children will have their picnic together with their class teacher and support staff.

1:15pm -Children return to their lines and then be led back to class by their class teacher where they will be registered for the afternoon.

Family learning across the year groups

Nursery & Reception- themed activities around growing and changing

Year 1- Awe and Wonder- practical Science/ Maths activities and experiments

Year 2- Pirates- Art & DT making Artefacts

Year 3– Creating papier mache models of volcanoes and lava???

Year 4- Computer programming using ’Scratch’ to create games 

Year 5- interactive D&T/Geography workshop—making a rainforest biome

Year 6– PSHE creating Memory Boxes using photos, objects etc from home

At 3pm the parents will be asked to go back onto the playground to be reunited with their children at 3:15/3:20pm dismissal time