Rights Respecting Schools

Attached to this newsletter is our Draft Leaflet. Please read the contents of the leaflet. We welcome any comments and suggestions. We are keen to put a copy of this into our new Nursery and Reception Information pack. After Easter we are planning to prepare a presentation for new parents to St Catherine’s.

Our new ‘Article of the Month’ has been introduced and is on display in all classrooms and around the school. We have also displayed out ‘Theme of the Month’– Forgiveness

Global Learning :  DID YOU KNOW?

Our seas and oceans are being choked by our plastic pollution. Fragile marine ecosystems that have been stable for thousands of years are now at risk of collapse. Let’s be honest – avoiding plastic completely is pretty much impossible. But more and more people are cutting down on the amount of plastic they use.

Plastic is choking our oceans and killing marine life.

As the plastic breaks down into tiny pieces it’s consumed by marine animals. All this plastic pollution means a cocktail of harmful chemicals can be passed up the food chain. Plastic is even getting into our food and water supplies.

We need the government to introduce a plan now that:

  • starts with phasing out non-essential single-use plastics now
  • commits to tackling trickier plastics, like in clothes and car tyres
  • maintains quality of life for people who need plastic, and doesn’t cause worse environmental problems.

Year 4’s display outside their classroom demonstrates the problem that our world faces today and in the years to come.