6C Prayer Service

Thank you 6C and Mrs Carruthers for leading our prayer service this week. The theme of the prayer service was ‘Small with Potential! ’The children entered the hall to the song ‘This Me’ and held up a poster showing who they aspired to be when they were older– chefs, footballers, bankers, fashion designers and so many other wonderful professions. They were so reverent and confident in delivering such a powerful message to the children, staff and parents gathered in the hall.  They told us about ‘Growth Mindset’. We can develop and improve our talents and skills through dedication and hard work. At St Catherine’s we truly believe this!

They ended by singing ‘Standing in the Hall of Fame’. This is a song about achieving your goals and is  dedicated for all the people that inspired others. Thank you for inspiring all of us at the prayer service to believe in ourselves and never give up!