School Council

The school Council met on Tuesday and Ms Groom and the JTA’s joined us to hear the feedback from all the classes about Travel Safety. The minutes of our meeting are on the website. We made a list of all the things we do as a community to ensure everyone is  safe and happy.

  • Assemblies- Road Safety, Anti-Bullying Week, E-Safety, NSPCC
  • At the end of school day teachers ensure we are collected by our parents
  • Staff & children work together and the staff make sure we are happy
  • Fire-drills prepare us – we know what to do!
  • School trips are well planned
  • We know we can TELL an adult if we are worried or upset
  • The fence and school gates keep us safe.
  • We have a voice! We are listened to

Please find time to read the feedback to the other questions the children discussed.