Rights Respecting Schools– Class Charters

Year 3 have also been extremely busy designing their class charters using the idea of a tree as the main focus. They have also enjoyed finding out the many different countries our families come from. We celebrate our diversity.

Rights Respecting School

As we enter the month of October the children have been introduced to our new ‘Article of the Month’ and our ‘Thought of the Month.’

Above you can see  our focus for the coming month.

This links in with the article written by Mrs Whatley on ‘Growth Mindset’.  All the children have been introduced to this and at present each year group is designing a display linked to this.

This month we are concentrating on Article 24. Our children are very mindful and sensitive to issues raised in the news and are always keen to make a difference. We are supporting the ‘Brighten Up’ fundraising campaign for CAFOD and our prayers go out to the families affected by the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami.