E-Safety: Education for a Connected World

On Tuesday morning this week, we were thrilled to host so many parents at our first E-Safety meeting this year. We began by discussing headline issues that had emerged from a recent nationwide survey of children’s online lives and use of technology, conducted by the London Grid for Learning (LGFL) – ‘Hopes and Streams’ (attached to news letter for your reference). This really brought home the ever increasing importance of online safety for our children.

We shared the school’s new online safety scheme of learning – Education for a Connected World – and ex-plored the eight areas that the children will be learning and developing their understanding of this year. How-ever, our focus was on ‘Health, Well-being and Lifestyle’ and the parents who attended shared ideas on what works for developing positive habits, routines and behaviours. Please refer to the Positive Screen Time docu-ment to help with generating your own home routines.

In the afternoon the children all participated in a lesson exploring similar issues. We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity this week to use this learning as a springboard to explore the issues around screen time and device usage. The children should have some positive reflections on how they can moderate, manage and self regulate their device usage for positive health and well-being.

Digital Detox

Our final thoughts from Tuesday were to consider promoting a healthier relationship to our devices through a whole school community ‘Digital Detox Day’. The challenge would be for all children, teachers and parents to spend an entire school day unplugged! We will send further information later in the term.