Welcome Back

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to St Catherine’s. I hope you had a wonderful summer holiday. The children have come back looking very refreshed and are very happy in their new classes.

Thank you for ensuring the children are in the correct uniform and have appropriate hairstyles. They look very smart, showing respect for the high standards we want to maintain at St Catherine’s.

Please try to come to the curriculum meetings if you can. This is a good opportunity to meet all the teachers in your child’s year group and find out what is expected of the children in their new class. If you can’t make it the Power Point presentation will be emailed to you. Please don’t hesitate to ask the teachers any questions you may have. They’re happy to help at the end of the school day once the handover of the all the children is complete.


Please make sure your child does not ride their bicycle or their scooter on the playground at the end of the school day. It is far too busy and dangerous for everyone concerned. Staff find themselves reminding the same children. If this persists they will not be permitted to bring their scooter onto the premises. Please sup-port us in making our school a safe place to be.

Maureen Kelly