The RRS Ambassadors met this week to discuss the ‘Gold Award’. They were all extremely proud of themselves. We concentrated our discussion on the recommendations to maintain the ‘Gold Award’.

  • Continue to develop the use of the Convention as a ‘thread’ and ‘framework’ for the school’s improvement plan and policies.
  • Continue cross-referencing particular rights with curriculum areas and in relevant documentation.
  • Explore further opportunities for the school to promote its Rights Respecting work; for example, with an introductory resource about the Convention for new parents.
  • Continue to develop pupils’ understanding of the global dimension and sustainability through themes such as the ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals’ and Fair Trade.

We also planned ahead for the coming year. We a will be saying farewell to some of our key ambassadors who will be moving on to their new secondary schools. The year 6 RRS Ambassadors will be training some of our present year 2 children.