Rights Respecting Schools

The RRS Ambassadors met on Wednesday to discuss the coming months . They also introduced the new ‘Article of the Month’ and ‘Thought for the Month’ to their own class and KS1 and EYFS. We look forward to working with our Parent Ambassadors in the near future.

Global Learning Platform

WE walk for Water’ is today!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this event. A special thank you to Ryan P, Stefan, Lorena, Alyssa, Sofia, Aurelia and Ewan who held a bookmark and book sale after school on Friday.  The total amount raised was £60. Thank you also to the parents and children who sent in contributions . We received this message from ‘WE Charity’.

‘Dear Mrs Ainger and Year 3 children, thank you for giving a better world! Your donation of £60.00 to WE Charity will help to empower people around the world. Donations to WE Villages support families in eight developing countries .Your gift is the kind that keeps on giving, because when families have the tools and resources to break the cycle of poverty, they open doors they never knew were there. Thank you for your continued generosity and support of WE Charity.’