Rights Respecting Schools – Global Learning

Our Questionnaire was carried out this week.  Over the half term Mrs Ainger will be analyzing the data and this will be shared with the school community. Our next displays around the school will be linked to either Rights Respecting or global Learning. Look out for these amazing displays.

 Global Learning

What is Global Learning?

Global Learning is concerned with exploring the interconnections between people and places around the world. It asks us to observe the similarities and differences that exist around our world today and relate these to our own lives.  We explore links between their own lives and people, places and issues throughout the world.  Links can easily be made between local and global issues our children are given the opportunity to:

  • Critically examine their own values and attitudes
  • Appreciate the similarities between peoples everywhere, and learn to value diversity
  • Understand the global context of their local lives

Develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination