Year 5 & 6 Cricket Tournament 2nd Place!

St Catherine’s Year 5 & 6 boys were keen to get started and looked nervous before they started their first match.

When we arrived we were informed that all schools start on 200 runs and lost 5 runs for every wicket taken. In addition they explained all players needed to bowl one over and bat two overs  in batting pairs.

Our Batting partnerships were:

Luca B (5C) and Jeuz (6c)

Callum (6V) and Kevin (5B)

Daniel I (6C) and Oran (5C)

Robert (6V) and Marcus (5B)

Joe (5B) and Luca C (6c)

The tournament started with all schools playing a friendly with a team from their group and we played Brunswick Park Primary School . I am happy to report that we successfully beat  them as we scored 247 runs and they were unable to chase our target.

We then played Woodcroft Primary School and won by scoring 232 runs.

Next we played St Johns N11 Primary School where we scored 240 runs which resulted in another win.

Finally, we had a rematch with Brunswick Park Primary School and just scraped a win as they were beginning to work out our game strategy.

It was then announced that St Catherine’s had successfully passed the group stages and made it into the quarter final and were going to play Osidge. St Catherine’s continued their winning streak and won by 241 runs.

The pressure was now on and St Catherine’s were told that we were going to play Cromer Road Primary School which again we won by 5 runs as we scored 234 runs.

St Catherine’s were delighted to have made it into the final to play against Fould’s Primary School.  They were our biggest competition yet, you could tell our team was feeling the pressure and nerves were beginning to kick in. St Catherine’s won the toss and decided to bowl first. Fould’s started making quite a few boundaries which included 6’s too. This put the bowlers under pressure.  Although St Catherine’s had taken some excellent wickets, we had dropped 3 catches which could have given us a 15 run advantage. St Catherine’s when they came to bat were struggling to make runs as the fielding was very tight. It was even difficult to make quick singles. This meant St Catherine’s had a difficult target of chasing 247 runs. The game resulted in St Catherine’s scoring 225 runs.

Despite not winning the final, I am still very proud of my team for coming 2nd overall in the tournament. I would like to thank Nav Aktar from Old Elizabethans Cricket Club for all his help and support! Well done to all the boys that took part, you should feel really proud!

2nd place out of 25 schools!!!