Netball Central League Winners!!!


St Catherine’s have won all their games this season and as a result came first within the group stages.

On Friday 19th May, St Catherine’s played against Frith Manor Primary School as part of the central league final.

The team were nervous as there was a big gap from their previous matches.

1st Quarter – St Catherine’s 1     Frith Manor 0  (Isabella G 1 )

2nd Quarter – St Catherine’s 2     Frith Manor 0 (Michelle 1)

3rd Quarter – St Catherine’s 4     Frith Manor 2 ( Joseph 1 Sharelle 1)

4th Quarter – St Catherine’s 7     Frith Manor 2  ( Luca 2  Dara 1)

A massive congratulations to all the children that have represented St Catherine’s in this final: 

Daniel I (6C),  Luca C (6C), Jospeh B (6C), Michelle (6C), Francesca (6V), Dara (6V),  Sharelle (6V), Isabella G (5B)

Thank you to Mrs Grazioli, Miss Hoctor and Mrs Mirza who have supported the Netball team with training sessions.

St Catherine’s 7   vs   Frith Manor 2

St Catherine’s are central league winners!!!