Girls Football – Central League Cup Final – 2nd place!

St Catherine’s girls football team were high in spirits yet nerves were beginning to show as the match began. We started with Niamh G (5C), Kathleen (5B), Molly (6V), Joanna (6C) all in defence as we did not know what to expect from St Johns Primary School. St John’s strikers were unable to get past our defence in the first half as they were unable to score and had very few attempts at goal. On the other hand Lily F (5C) in midfield continued to press forward on the counter attack which resulted in Francesca G (6V) scoring our first goal of the game.  At half time the score was 1-0 to St Catherine’s.  Harmony (5C) who was goalkeeper and did not concede any goals .

At the start of the second half St Johns were told to go for goal, which was clear as they had a lot more attempts at goal. This resulted in St John’s scoring a goal to make the score 1-1.  A change was then made as Isabella G (5B) switched with Kathleen in defence.  The game remained tight and the possession of the ball was equally split between the two teams. It was neck and neck!  Out of nowhere, a cross came into the St Johns striker who managed to volley the ball passed our defenders and straight into the back of the net. All of St Catherine’s defence were shocked and tried to push back to reclaim victory. However, with only 5 minutes on the clock there was not enough time and unfortunately St John’s won 2-1!

As manager I am extremely proud of the girls football team, they have worked extremely hard this season. Even though we did not win the cup, it is still an achievement for the school to come 2nd place out of 8 schools in our central league division. Well done!!!

St Catherine’s have come 2nd place out of 8 schools in the Central League cup!