Rights Respecting Schools

Year 5 have composed poems about the importance of being a Rights Respecting School. Here is Niamh’s poem.
R espect all things you love.
I t would be hard if you had to leave them.
G ratefulness is more important than being spoilt.
H appiness can be found in the darkness of times.
T rust everyone you meet.
S helter is an important CRC right for all children.
R espect hyman rights.
E veryone is included.
S ometimes life is hard.
P rotect those around you.
E nsure others are safe.
C are for those in need.
T raveling and leaving your home is rough.
I t is important to have these rights.
N o one can make you a slave.
G overnments fight for these rights.
By Niamh
Thank you to the children of year 5 who composed such thought provoking poems. Many of these are on display in the main hall.


Day for Change UNICEF – What is Day for Change
Day for Change is a fundraising challenge for schools. The ask is simple: change something about your school day and collect as much change and cash as possible – helping to keep children safe from hunger. This year the money we raise will be matched pound for pound by the Power of Nutrition, a charitable foundation – meaning the impact of your fundraising will be even greater.
Date: Wednesday 17th May -more information to follow