Rights Respecting Schools

Year 5 have composed poems about the importance of being a Rights Respecting School. Here is Stephanie’s poem.

R espect all the rights.

I  magine how you would feel.

round shaking , bombs dropping.

ouses bombed and broken.

T their belongings all taken!            

S helters are unsafe for life.            


ights protecr you.  

veryone has the responsibility to keep people safe.         

S tand up for your rights.

P ray for those whose rights have been lost.          

E mbrace the orphans.

C onvention is here for children.                

hink of ALL the children.                   

I magine a world of torture and sorrow.                

N ever stop people following their rights.               

o and walk hard to stand up for the rights of all children.

    By Stephanie

We continue to introduce the new Article of the Month and the Thought for the Month. These are displayed in all classes, at the After School Club and in the main hall.

article 29