New Sport – Year 6 – Pop Lacrosse

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St Catherine’s chose to spend part of the sports premium to encourage and develop new sports within the school. This year was our first year trying a new sport called Pop Lacrosse. It is very similar to Lacrosse, however the equipment has been adapted to be used for primary aged children.

We piloted this sport with Year 6 as we felt it was their last year in primary school and it could be a sport they pursue in secondary school.

Both 6V and 6C have thoroughly enjoyed playing this sport and thanked Mrs Mirza for introducing such a fun and exciting sport.

“It’s harder than it looks but still really enjoyable!” Molly Reid 6V

” I liked the fact that Pop Lacrosse was a challenge, as catching the ball without crossing over your hands can be difficult if your not in the right position.” Daniel Iwu 6C

The  has sport proven to be so popular that Mrs Mirza will be running a Pop Lacrosse club after school every  Thursdays for Years 4-6.