Internet Safety Talk – Thank you to everyone who attended!

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers who sacrificed their time to attend our St Catherine’s internet safety talk on Wednesday morning this week. We had an excellent number of parents attend and the support from parents has truly been fantastic.

I am aware, that for a multitude of reasons, there will have been parents who would have liked to attend but were unable to. Luke, who led the internet safety talk, has promised to send me over a copy of his slides he used in his talk, and I will be posting these on the ‘E-Safety’ page of the St Catherine’s website as soon as they arrive. I hope that you find these slides useful.

We will continue to work tirelessly at St Catherine’s to ensure that our children are taught internet safety in an engaging and thorough way.

For any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to ask either myself or a member of the safeguarding team.

Next Step for Parents:

Have a go at setting up ‘Our Pact’ (an app which allows parents to control and monitor their child’s internet use on all devices) and see what you think of it.

Thank you for your continued support,

Josh David – Computing Coordinator.