David Cameron – Internet Safety at Number 10

Whilst being quizzed by school children this week, David Cameron has given the public an insight into his internet safety rules at number 10.

The Prime Minister, who has three children, said that he limits their “screen time” and encourages them to lead “very active” lives.

When asked specifically about technology and internet safety, he explained:

“The children are allowed to use our iPad from time to time, but they don’t have a Nintendo DS yet and they haven’t got mobile phones and they haven’t got iTouches or whatever. That’s purposeful.

“We try to limit screen time. We have rules. We don’t do morning TV – they should be doing something.”

Well at least he’s doing something right…

Please do ensure that there are agreed times for use of technology at home and that these are enforced. For any help on how to go about doing this without causing an argument – pop in and have a chat with me – I’d be happy to help.

Josh David – Computing Co-Ordinator