– A parent’s guide to the App

Many children at St Catherine’s and across the globe are using the App. The app is a fun and interactive way to record yourself voicing over popular songs and sharing videos of yourself doing so with your mates. It encourages socialising and creativity. However, there are also many things parents don’t know about the App. Firstly, users must be 13 to have their own account – which rules out any Primary School aged child. Unless your child’s account has been checked and had all elements set to private by yourself, anyone in the local community can view videos of your child without even connecting to the internet. On top of that, due to the nature of popular music, there are a plethora of songs on the app that contain explicit content and adult themes and language which the children can easily access. Aside from all of this, perhaps the most alarming part of the app is that a user can insert their own hash-tags on the bottom of the video, which when clicked on, will take a user to another image or video. The problem here being that many parents have been reporting that the content of some of these hash-tags is alarming and would be shocking for adults to view let alone children. As a result, many user guides rank the app as appropriate for either 16+ or 18+. Please do talk to your child about this app and help educate them about internet safety!