Viral Videos: The good, the bad and the bazaar

Viral Videos: The good, the bad and the bazaar.

There has been a recent trend among young people, including Primary aged children, to share, create and watch videos that have gone viral (been shared rapidly online). With these viral videos being viewed, in some cases, over 100 million times, the likelihood is that your child has seen or heard of at least one of these videos. Whilst some of the videos are harmless, and focused around sharing a joke or a funny impression etc, or even encouraging raising money for charity (such as the recent ‘ice bucket challenge’) some of the videos are definitely not harmless. Particularly as children get older, the content of these viral videos can change to move away from jokes towards more ‘shocking’ content. The recent phenomena of ‘Neknomination’ which has been heavily publicised in the news recently, has seen lots of young people sharing viral videos for the wrong reasons. It is incredibly important to talk to young children about what’s appropriate and safe to share and what isn’t from a young age, so that when they encounter these viral videos, which they inevitably will, they will know how to react. For more information, have a read of the below article.

Josh David – Computing Co-ordinator.