Year 5 – Geography

We are fully in the flow of our current topic on the River Amazon!

There has been some really deep learning going on this week, and the children have also sourced all sorts of information about the Amazon and it’s wildlife.

Excuse the puns!

Last week, we looked back over the water cycle, and made our own water cycle in a bowl using boiling water. The aim of the investigation was for the children to make it rain – and in most cases there were certainly a few rain drops that formed and fell down! (The frozen peas on the top helped to condense the water vapour inside the bowls)


This week we explored how rivers are formed at the source – making a relief of mountains and watersheds and squeezing water over it to form rivers, valleys and lakes and to see how sometimes these are connected. The children learnt that rivers all have a source in mountains or hilly areas where there is greater precipitation. The children then tried to find the source of the River Amazon on maps- a tricky task as the children soon discovered! (There is no one official source of the Amazon)