Year 4

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Handwriting pens

We have found over the past couple of years that the cost of purchasing handwriting pens for KS2 children has really escalated. It has also been noted that many children actually prefer bringing in their own pens. Therefore we would really appreciate it, if you are able to, if your child would bring in his/her […]

Parent Consultations 2R and Yr 3-6

Parent Consultations have been scheduled for the 7th and 9th November. Parents with children in 2R and Yr 3-6 can log into School Interviews online at from Monday, 11th September 12noon and use the event code nkpz5 to book their slot. Online booking will close on Tuesday, 31st October at 3pm.

Year 4 Gilwell Park Residential

This will be taking place from Wednesday 4th  October to Friday 6th October. An information pack will be emailed next week. Please ensure that the outstanding medical form is returned by Monday 11th September. I will email a letter informing you of the final arrangements nearer the time. If you have any questions please pop […]

Home Learning

This year home learning, in KS2, will concentrate on spellings (given out weekly), home reading (to develop children’s fluency and comprehension) and times tables (teachers will send out texts the week before a times table is tested). Details about which times tables your child needs to practise are in the KS2 letter. To assist you […]

Curriculum IMPACT Meetings

These meeting are an opportunity to meet the year group class teachers and receive information related to: What is special about the year group? RE Overview Responsibilities Home Learning Literacy and Maths Overviews Safeguarding Here are the dates of the forthcoming Curriculum Impact meetings. These meetings are very informative. You will get the opportunity to […]