Curriculum Information

St. Catherine’s School is a Voluntary Aided school and as such our primary role is to serve the Catholic community of St. Catherine’s Parishes. It is a privilege to see our children grow and mature during their time with us.

Our school life is based on Christian Values.  We recognise and respond to the needs of each child academically but also in their growth as an individual. We develop happy, fulfilled, well-educated and confident children in a caring, disciplined environment with our Faith as the focus of our actions. We expect, and encourage excellence in the range of activities the school undertakes.

Education is a partnership between home, school and parish in which we seek and encourage the participation of parents in the learning process and in the life of our school. Parents are welcome partners in the education of their child and in the development of our school family.

Religious Education

The programme of Religious Education we follow is in line with the Catholic Directory as specified by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales. Religious Education is taught to all children in the school and is considered central to the whole school curriculum. We follow ‘The Way The Truth and the Life’ Scheme. Through this scheme, the children are taught the basics of Catholic faith and morality, through constant reference to their own life experience. They are helped to come to a fuller knowledge and love of God, which will develop into mature Christian living.

RE Curriculum

This is the overview of the themes from ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life,’ which the children follow in school.

Foundation Stage and KS1:

 FoundationYear 1Year 2
Autumn 1God's FamilyChurchChosen People
Autumn 2God's FamilyMary, Mother of GodMysteries
Spring 1Getting to Know JesusFamilies and CelebrationsThe Good News
Spring 2Joy and SorrowFollowing JesusThe Mass
Summer 1New LifeResurrectionEastertide
Summer 2ChurchMiracles BookThe Church is Born


 Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Autumn 1BaptismThe BibleGifts From GodThe Kingdom of God
Autumn 2ReconciliationTrust in GodThe CommandmentsJustice
Spring 1Mary, Our MotherJesus, the TeacherInspirational PeopleJesus, the Bread of Life
Spring 2The Eucharist and
The Last Supper
Jesus, the SaviourReconciliationJesus, Son of God
Summer 1Celebrating Easter
and Pentecost
The Mission of the ChurchLife in the Risen JesusThe Work of the Apostles
Summer 2Being a ChristianBelonging to the ChurchPeople of Other FaithsCalled to Serve

RE Lessons

RE lessons account for 10% of curriculum time.  In EYFS,KS1 & KS2 the children follow ‘The Way The Truth and The Life’.   Each class explores a topic for a period of 6 weeks. The children are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics.  Teachers also use Diocesan resources. At KS1 & KS2, children have the opportunity to explore different World Religions every year.  We try to “live” our religion as well as teach it. This, we hope, can be seen clearly in our Assemblies, Class Masses, our general participation in the Church’s Liturgy and in our behaviour in class and playground.

At St Catherine’s we ensure that RE lessons are interactive and stimulating, using a wide range of teaching and learning strategies.

Personal Health & Social Education

We follow the S.E.A.L. (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) Programme. The scheme is expanded through our Religious Education teaching and includes Circle Time which focuses on the self-esteem of the child, and enables all children to raise and talk about issues important to them, in an atmosphere of trust and support.

Health education is promoted through many of the topics covered and the children are encouraged to consider the health and safety issues related to their daily activities.

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