6V Prayer Service

Thank you to Mrs Van den Abbeele and Class 6V for leading the first prayer service of our school year. Their prayer service began with a beautiful song called ‘Let us build a house where love can dwell’. Through their readings , singing and drama they told us about ‘The Solemn Re-opening of Mary Immaculate and St Gregory and the Consecration of the Altar’.  They reminded us all of how movng and special this ceremony was.

As Cardinal Nichols said the altar is a constant reminder of what God asked the disciples to do in memory of him. It also reminds us of the important part we play in God’s plan. God wants our Church and school to be places of love, places of welcome and places where our faith is continually strengthened. It was wonderful to see so many parents.

Year 6 – the first few weeks!

What a great start to Year 6 – the children have been so enthusiastic about their learning and have been a pleasure to teach.

To start off the year we have been studying the narrative poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes.
The children have produced a range of challenging writing including: writing their own metaphors based on the first verses of the poem; creating mindmaps to help their understanding about what Highwaymen actually were; writing their own predictions about what the ending might be and finally, writing the poem out as a descriptive story.

The children have been consolidating and developing their understanding about place value of numbers up to ten million. They have been applying their understanding through a range of engaging and challenging activities on partitioning, rounding both whole and decimal numbers, and using negative numbers in context,

The first R.E. topic of the year is ‘The Kingdom of God’. We have been so impressed with the insightfulness that the children have shown about how the Kingdom values can be demonstrated here on Earth. The children have also reflected upon the meaning of the words of the Our Father.

To begin their science topic of ‘Living Things and their Habitats’ the children have been learning to classifying animals into vertebrates and invertebrates, and mammals, reptiles, insects etc.

The children have linked art and literacy by creating visual representations of their metaphors.

Purple Mash has been used to support the chidren’s maths learning and they have been really enjoying it.

Looking forward to another exciting week!

Judy Van den Abbeele and Ellie Carruthers

Handwriting pens

We have found over the past couple of years that the cost of purchasing handwriting pens for KS2 children has really escalated. It has also been noted that many children actually prefer bringing in their own pens. Therefore we would really appreciate it, if you are able to, if your child would bring in his/her own pen for writing.

In order to maintain consistency throughout KS2 the pens should not be biros, but BLUE ink gel/fine liner pens.

There are many pens on the market and some of the suitable, reasonably priced pens are :

Rymans online


These are just ideas for you – most stationers and supermarkets also sell either single pens or multi-packs.

If I could just reiterate we use blue ink pens in our work and no biros.

We will continue to supply pens for children for who need this option.

Thank you as always for your continued support – it is much appreciated.


Judy Van den Abbeele

KS2 Leader

Home Learning

This year home learning, in KS2, will concentrate on spellings (given out weekly), home reading (to develop children’s fluency and comprehension) and times tables (teachers will send out texts the week before a times table is tested). Details about which times tables your child needs to practise are in the KS2 letter. To assist you in supporting your child’s love of reading and to develop a wide interest,  a recommended reading list was attached in the KS2 letter. (Obviously this is only a taster of the wide range of quality children’s books that are available). Year 6 will have a daily piece of homework after October half-term until the SATs towards the end of the Spring Term.

Mrs. Van den Abbeele KS2 Leader

Curriculum IMPACT Meetings

These meeting are an opportunity to meet the year group class teachers and receive

information related to:

  • What is special about the year group?
  • RE Overview
  • Responsibilities
  • Home Learning
  • Literacy and Maths Overviews
  • Safeguarding

Here are the dates of the forthcoming Curriculum Impact meetings. These meetings are very informative. You will get the opportunity to meet the new class teachers and teaching support staff, see the learning environment and have a greater understanding of the curriculum coverage this academic year.



Tuesday 12th Sept 9a.m. Year 6

Wednesday 13th September 9a.m. Year 5

Thursday 14th September 9a.m. Year 4

Friday 15th September 9a.m. Year 3

Tuesday 19th September 9a.m. Year 2

 Tuesday 26th September 9a.m. Year 1