Giant walking bus

On Wednesday children from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in the Giant Walking Bus to encourage drivers to ‘GO 20mph’ around our school.  In doing so, it helped pupils to understand and learn about the dangers on the road.  It also promotes road safety to parents and drivers in the wider community to protect children, cyclists and pedestrians on our streets.

Mr Kutner
School Travel Plan Coordinator


Road Safety

On Wednesday the children in Reception and Year 1 had a visit from a Road Safety expert, who spoke to them about how to be safe when on the street. She taught them that they must always hold hands with an adult when near a road and when crossing it. The expert then told the children about what to do and what not to do when walking on the pavement and when waiting to cross a road.  She then went on to explain to the children how wearing bright clothes when it is dark is a good way of being safe as people can see you more clearly.

Walk to School Week 15th-19th May

Walk to School Week 15th-19th May

Next week is the national Walk to School Week, where we encourage you to walk to school rather than using your car. To celebrate this, the teachers will be handing out prizes to the children who join our walking buses at the designated areas at 8:30am everyday next week. The areas are
–By the Everyman Cinema
–Top of Bedford Avenue
— Bottom of Milton Avenue.
On your journey please look out for the photo of ‘Dennis’ the Walking Bear to gain an extra prize!

Year 2 – Road Safety

This morning Christine Tame, Road Safety Consultant for Barnet, took us for a walk and pointed out all the dangers to look out for when crossing a road safely. The main things we were learnt were:

  • The different types of crossings
  • To look for changes in the kerb
  • Not just to look left and right, but to LOOK EVERYWHERE, LISTEN and THINK.

Underhill Junction

Following the accident last week at the A1000/Underhill junction we contacted the council to raise our concerns about the safety of our families travelling between school and New Barnet. We also brought these concerns to the attention of Theresa Villiers, our local MP and Paul Edwards, our local Councillor. In response to this I had a conference call with Cllr Paul Edwards on Tuesday who supported us fully and is going to contact the council himself on our behalf. We will keep you updated with any further developments. In the meantime, we have received this from the Safe and Sustainable Travel Team at Barnet:

“Regarding the traffic lights at the junction of Mays Lane and the A1000, this junction has been previously investigated by Highways engineers who have found that, unfortunately, it is not possible for a pedestrian phase to be installed at this junction due to the heavy traffic flow and the complex arrangement of the junction and vehicle movements.”

“To bring you up-to-date, in light of the concerns your school has raised about crossing Mays Lane safely through your School Travel Plan, Highways Engineers have developed proposals for improvements to crossing facilities on Mays Lane closer to Vale Drive and these are currently under internal consultation. If approved, these proposals will then go out to external consultation, at which time St. Catherine’s School and other interested parties will be invited to respond.”

Giant Walking Bus

Last Wednesday at 10am the Yr1 to Yr6 children participated in a Giant Walking Bus around the boundaries of the school. Thousands of children across the UK walked from their school gates, celebrating the wonders of walking. This annual event is a fantastic way for children to put their best feet forwards for road safety: to say “yes!” to the health and planet-saving benefits of walking, and “no!” to fast driving that threatens childrens’ safety. The children all supported the campaign and encouraged drivers to support us by hooting their horn, the support was unbelievable.

Year 1 – Welcome back!

We have just begun our exciting new topic ‘Rio De Vida’ which focuses closely on the country Brazil. The children have thoroughly enjoyed making animal masks of animals from Brazil. We even have an ‘Amazon Rainforest’ role-play Area in Mr Kutner’s class which the children have been enjoying greatly.

This Friday we will launch the topic where the children will have a Brazillian day! We will be exploring Brazillian music, food, looking at and making flags and head bands.


Please see our medium term plan of the curriculum coverage for this term.

Curriculum Letter (Fronter) topic web rio de viva

Green Friday

Many of you will remember participating in Green Friday in previous years and the time has come round again. This is a competition between the classes to see who can earn the most number of points during the month of March. The aim of the competition is for children to travel to school actively on each Friday and they earn points for their class depending on how they travelled. With not as many families travelling to school by car on these days, we aim to have calmer local environment, a safer environment for the children to arrive at school in and, as evidence shows, children are more ready to learn when they have travelled actively to school. At the end of March we will count up all the points and trophies will be awarded to the winning classes in each Celebration Assembly. The children will be awarded 3 points for walking, cycling or scooting, 2 points for getting the us or park and striding and 1 point for a car share. Unlike previous years, the children will not collect tokens in the playground, but will record their points on the class chart when they come in.


The Green Friday dates are:

Friday 6th March

Friday 13th March

Friday 20th March


 Watch his space to see which class is most active in the mornings!