School Council

We are delighted to inform you of our new representaives on our School Council.

1G Kanghong

1K Leo

2R Georgia

2W Anna

3C Alicia

3R Amanda

4H Keelan

4D Beatrice

5M John

5B Ella

5D’A Alex

6C Willow

6V Oran

Next week we will display their photographs in the main hall on our School Council board and on our school website.  At our next meeting we will discuss their responsibilities and the importance of their commitment to be the ‘Voice of the Children’.

School Council

During the course of this week and next week the class teachers will be discussing the role of a school council representative. Representatives have to be willing and able to put forward other people’s views even if they disagree with them. Last year we discussed ‘What kind of person makes a good rep? Here are some of the qualities the children chose -approachable, a good listener, organised and efficient. Once elected their photographs will go up in the main hall. The School Council will meet every three weeks  and the minutes of the meetings will be shared with our school community on the school website.

School Council

The School Council met on Monday to discuss Global Learning and what it means to St Catherine’s. The representatives in KS2 came with the ideas and suggestions from their class. There were so many wonderful suggestions. Here are a few-

  • Each class represents a country for a day and prepares a small presentation for assembly about their culture, flag, currency, history and geography, music etc
  • Penpals in different countries
  • Skype different schools in different countries using ‘Skype effectively in the classroom’.
  • Invite parents from different countries to lead a presentation in Assembly.

If you have any further ideas please can you let us know.
The School Council and Steering Group will draw up an action plan based on these ideas for the coming academic year.

School Council

The School Council and Steering Group met this Wednesday. It was such a positive meeting. It was clearly evident that the children love their school and that playtime is such fun. They said the children are happy and love playing together. Thank you to Mrs Ward for getting new equipment.
The steering group joined us as we wanted to talk about our ideas for the School Wordle so these could be sent to the designer. They had lots of great suggestions. We are now awaiting draft designs for the Wordle.

School Council

The School Council met on Monday 27th March. We discussed the new play time games and listened to any further suggestions. The ‘Pupil Voice’ showed the children were extremely happy with the new timetable and the introduction of new games. The children loved all the new equipment and said it was very organised.

The only suggestion they made was that, now the weather was improving  , we improve the wild life area and maybe have some log seats. They loved the ‘Raffle Ticket Commendation’ and said that it made them proud to be told they had demonstrated such caring, loving behaviour towards others. Please see the completed Discussion Grid on our School Council web page.

School Council

As a result of our meeting on Tuesday 21st February at 1.30pm, Mrs Ward and Mrs Mirza have made slight changes to the activities at playtime and lunchtime.

Although we are aware the children are extremely happy we were keen to listen to their suggestions and put these in place as soon as possible. A new timetable has been drawn up and we will review this at the end of term. Thank you to our School Council representatives.

School Council

The School Council met on Tuesday 21st February at 1.30p.m. We asked Mrs Ward to join us so we could discuss playground games. She was very keen to hear their suggestions and where possible implement their ideas. It was evident through discussion that the children are extremely happy with play times at St Catherine’s.

They did offer additional suggestions to make play time even better!

They suggested new equipment and where it could be located in the playground e.g. netball, large lego and chess pieces. Mrs Ward listened to their many ideas and we have scheduled another meeting with Mrs Mirza and Miss Kelly.

School Council

The School Council met with the Catholic Life Committee last Friday.  They chatted to the Governors about how the behaviour policy works in their classroom and spoke very positively. It was evident through discussion that they all thought it was an extremely fair system and consistent through the whole school.

Prior to this the Governors (Father John, Father James, Mrs Carruthers and Ms  Hermosa) had the opportunity to tour the school with Miss Kelly, Mrs Ainger and Mrs Isaacs. Thank you to the children for making them feel so welcomed.

School Council

The School Council met yesterday. We discussed the behaviour policy and they spoke very positively about the star in their classrooms.

The children thought that it was an extremely fair system and that every class uses it so everyone knows exactly what it means.

We also talked about the many other things they were really happy with such us the class masses, the year 5 Enabling Enterprise Project, the Gospel Assemblies and the learning environment. Thank you to all the School Council representatives for their contribution to the life of our school.

Mrs Ainger