Fancy testing your childs E-Safety Knowledge?

Fancy testing your childs E-Safety Knowledge?
Does your child think they know it all when it comes to E-Safety? Fancy themselves as an E-Safety smarty-pants? Well, why don’t you call their bluff, and ask them to take this enjoyable, interactive and educational internet safety quiz aimed at KS2 pupils?
If your little one is aged 5-7, why not test their knowledge with this quiz?
Josh David and Kate Alexander

Great News – We are Internet Safe at St.Catherines!

E-Safety Whole School Audit:

This week, we welcomed ‘Education Child Protection Ltd.’ to St. Catherines. They were invited into our school to conduct a full Audit of the schools proficiency to provide both the children and the staff with an internet safe learning environment. As expected, you will be pleased to know that they were thrilled with everything that St. Catherines have put in place, to ensure your children’s safety online. Here are but just a few of the lovely things they had to say about our school’s internet safety practice;

“All staff take active responsibility for E-Safety”.

“E-Safety education programme takes place and is fully embedded in all aspects of the curriculum in all years and in other school activities”.

“Young people are themselves involved in E-Safety education, with peer mentoring between year groups taking place”.

“The school has carefully considered its approach to E-Safety and provides a consistent E-Safety message to all members of the school community, through a variety of media and activities that promote whole school input. This is particularly apparent when walking around the school with all classrooms and hallways displaying, tips, posters and messages”.

At St. Catherines we are always striving to progress in every area. As a result, we have an action plan in place to further improve our internet safety. We intend to set up a school E-Safety Committee made up of students, governors and parents, to help raise awareness to any E-Safety issues. In addition to this, we will ensure that our policies are adapting and being amended, as quickly as technology is evolving, to ensure that we stay up to date with rapidly progressive technologies.

Well done to all the children and staff at St.Catherines.

Josh David and Kate Alexander.

Childnet – Advice and Support for Parents:

I am sure that all parents and carers are familiar with childline and the fantastic work that they do, supporting children and young people, but how many parents and carers know that childnet (an online support tool for children and young people – focused only on internet dangers) exists too? Thanks to childnet, both children and parents/carers have had somewhere to turn to when they feel unsafe online. This handy document is a useful guideline that I would recommend all parents use. Full of conversation starters, top tips, checklists for parents and SMART internet use rules; it has everything you need. Simply click the link below and be internet safe!
Josh David and Kate Alexander

Calling all parents – E-Safety Expert Talk!

E-Safety Expert Talk
Internet safety has never been of such paramount importance as it is today. As Ofsted state; ‘technology offers unimaginable opportunities and is constantly evolving. Access is becoming universal and increasingly more mobile, and pupils are using technology at an even earlier age’. As a school, we have decided that we need to form a strong bond between parents and teachers, to ensure that our children are safe at all times when online. I have therefore arranged to hold a talk, on THURSDAY 29th JANUARY at 9:00 – 10:00am, in the school hall. This talk will be led by an internet safety expert, who helps support parents and schools to ensure the best possible safety for their children. It would be of real benefit to you, your child and your child’s school if you could find a way to attend this E-Safety talk. The aim of the talk is to provide parents with a bit of guidance to help keep their children safe online, and to also highlight the often un-known dangers that your children face online with everyday normal internet use. Please do try and attend this talk, the more parents the better. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.
Josh David and Kate Alexander.

E-Safety – Calling all parents!

I am delighted to have spoken to so many parents about E-Safety in recent weeks, as the profile of this important life skill is paramount. ‘Childnet’  have just updated their webpage, and offer some extremely useful resources and tips for Teachers, parents and children. Please do visit their website below and make sure that you and your children are E-Safe.
Mr. David

E-Safety – Staying safe on mobile devices.

Around 45% of children aged five to fifteen years old now own their own mobile device. Therefore, mobile safety is rapidly becoming a priority for parents. Thankfully, have an excellent website with many top tips for keeping safe on all kinds of devices. Please visit their page on mobiles, which includes a ‘Top Tips’ section on how to be safe when using mobiles. It’s not just parents who can read these tips, so please encourage your children to read these with you too. They even have a handy print-out option, so you can pop them on the fridge! Please visit either of the links below for more information. Josh David