Red Nose Day – 24th March 2017

The children are invited to wear their favourite Red Nose to school on Friday 24th March- Red Nose Day.  This year Red Nose Day has nine new Red Noses. Which one will you wear to school? In return we ask your child to give his/ her class teacher £1 donation towards Red Nose Day Fundraising Day.

Thank You

Bronze Ambassador Training

Barnet Sports Partnership at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre

On Wednesday, 9th November Mrs. Mirza took four Year 6 Sports Captains to train as School Bronze Ambassador’s (a leadership role in PE).

Our Sports Captains:

  • Daniel (6C) for Michael
  • Ellie (6C) for Raphael,
  • Adriano (6C) for Uriel
  • Sara (6V) for Gabriel

They were all ready to immerse themselves in leadership activities.

There were four workshops, which the children rotated around throughout the day; Olympic Values in Sport, Teamwork, STEP principle and Virtual Challenges.

Firstly, the Olympics values workshop focused on the role of a Bronze Ambassador and sport officials and what qualities are required to complete these roles successfully.

Secondly, the children were taught some team building games that could be used as lunchtime activities.

The third workshop focused on the STEP principle that stands for Space, Task, Equipment and People. All these elements are

key when sports leaders organise their own sports activities and have been used in PE lessons too.

Finally, the children learnt about how to administer Virtual Sports Challenges at school, which would then be compared against other schools in the borough e.g. how many skips can you do in 30 seconds? These results are then submitted to the Barnet Sports Partnership who announces winners of the competition.

sports-1 sports-2

Internet Safety Talk – Thank you to everyone who attended!

Thank you so much to all the parents/carers who sacrificed their time to attend our St Catherine’s internet safety talk on Wednesday morning this week. We had an excellent number of parents attend and the support from parents has truly been fantastic.

I am aware, that for a multitude of reasons, there will have been parents who would have liked to attend but were unable to. Luke, who led the internet safety talk, has promised to send me over a copy of his slides he used in his talk, and I will be posting these on the ‘E-Safety’ page of the St Catherine’s website as soon as they arrive. I hope that you find these slides useful.

We will continue to work tirelessly at St Catherine’s to ensure that our children are taught internet safety in an engaging and thorough way.

For any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to ask either myself or a member of the safeguarding team.

Next Step for Parents:

Have a go at setting up ‘Our Pact’ (an app which allows parents to control and monitor their child’s internet use on all devices) and see what you think of it.

Thank you for your continued support,

Josh David – Computing Coordinator.


Free Internet Safety Talk for Parents/carers -Wed 28th September 9am – Main Hall

Calling all parents/carers! Your child’s internet safety matters!

On Wednesday 28th September at 9am – there will be a free Internet Safety talk for all parents in the school’s main hall. The talk is open to parents from Nursery right up to Year 6  – and will provide parents with children of all ages with invaluable information and support. The talk will be delivered by leading industry experts ‘Education Child Protection Ltd’. ECP provide talks all over the country and work closely with the government and CEOP to ensure the safety of children across the UK.

The talk will focus on general internet safety for children – with information, tips, parental controls and guides, as well as tackling the increasingly controversial issue of mobile phones – and how to keep children safe on them.

2 years ago we set a St Catherine’s attendance record for our internet safety talk. This year, we hope to beat it.

Please spread the word and make sure you put the date in your diary and attend the talk if you can.

We look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

Thank you for your continued support,

Josh David – Computing Co-Ordinator


Healthy Schools Gold Award

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded our Healthy Schools Gold Award.  This is recognition of our hard work for achieving our 2 identifies targets which were:

  • Increase the percentage of children physically active before, during and after school.
  • Engaged 70% of inactive pupils in purposeful physical activity

We have worked hard over the past 2 years to record and report the impact of these targets as well as demonstrating the sustainability of these changes. We have also engaged with the wider community, shared our experience and supported others to help children to maintain or achieve a healthy weight, healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Absence and Multi Absence Explanation Form

We have put on the website under the ‘Parents’ section an Absence and Multi Absence Explanation Form as an alternative to writing a letter to the class teacher or providing an appointment card for any absence. We encourage parents to use this form by following this link: to provide a written explanation to the school for any absence, although of course, we will still accept letters.

Simply complete ALL the sections on the form and return to the class teacher or school office in a timely manner. Using this form you can be sure that you have provided all the information the school  needs for  your  child’s  attendance record.

May we remind you that it is a legal requirement to provide the school with an explanation of your child’s absence. If you do not provide an explanation in writing your child’s record will be incomplete.