French Pen Pal Visit to Year 4

On Tuesday year 4 were lucky enough to be joined by their French pen pals who travelled all the way from Paris to see them. They had a lovely morning with them teaching them some traditional British games and learning some traditional French games. They took the children on tours around our school and also had a fantastic British tea party. Thanks so much to all the year 4 parents for your contributions in making the day a great success!French visit June 2016 023 French visit June 2016 004 French visit June 2016 010 French visit June 2016 011 French visit June 2016 013 French visit June 2016 029

Year 6 – Writing About Our School

Year 3 – French

We have been learning the story of The Very Enormous Turnip “Le Navet Enorme”.


Year 5 Challenge Day

On Thursday 23rd October some children from year 5 went to the Totteridge Academy for a day of fun and challenge. Mrs Isaacs and I were so proud to accompany our children there and spend the day with them – they showed exemplary behaviour, teamwork and great enthusiasm for learning the whole day.

They were presented with a range of activities, such as building the tallest tower they could from drinking straws and sellotape. With no input from us adults apart from a little bit of sellotape cutting now and again, the children succeeded in making the second tallest tower of the day, measuring in at 1.2metres tall!

Then followed a literacy challenge (which wasn’t challenging enough for our team) of finding and colouring synonyms for some boring words.

Subsequently came the PE challenges, set up for the children by the Sports Leaders at the TTA. The children were excellent and really enthusiastic about all the sports challenges they were given. I was most impressed by the high ability of our children in volleyball – wow!!!

Finally came the Modern Foreign languages challenge. The children had a stab at learning Bulgarian, French and Spanish in a very short amount of time! Very tricky!

It was a lovely day and such a pleasure to see the children enjoying learning in a totally different setting!


We are a having a BSL Fingerspellathon at school next week where all the children from Year 2 upwards will have an opportunity to learn a little sign language. We will organise something for the youngest children next half- term.

It is in aid of the National Deaf Children’s Society which does a lot of good work with deaf children and their families. They visit schools and offer practical advice and assistive technology to try to address the many difficulties faced by deaf students.

We will be collecting any small donation you would like to send in next week and forwarding it to the charity. Mary McAfee

Here is a link to a video of the BSL Alphabet signed by child fingerspellers. Happy signing! 2alj8ks

BSLang (2)

Year 1 – Our mystery Brazillian Visitor ‘Oi!’

Year 1 were really lucky to have Mrs Tempestini visit year 1 to share her Brazillian experiences. The children were taught a lot about the types of animals that can be found in Brazil, they were taught the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Brazillian’. The children were really lucky to try a special brazillian treat at the end of the day!


IMG_1119 IMG_1124

Here are some Brazillian facts:

Brazil is the largest country in South Ameria
The population holds 200 million people.
It takes 12 hours to fly from the UK to Brazil.
In Brazil, the people speak portuguese.
The Anaconda is the biggest snake in the world and can be found in the Amazon River
The River Nile is the first biggest river followed by the Amazon River.

Year 5 at The Totteridge Academy

On Thursday, 10 pupils from year 5 attended a festival of learning at the Totteridge Academy. They had a fantastic time and participated in maths/science, languages, literacy and PE activities, all hosted by year 9-11 pupils from the Academy.

Challenge 1 involved working as a team to build a tower using only drinking straws and Sellotape. The children worked together very well, experimenting with various ideas and choosing the strongest ones. The resulting tower was strong enough to hold an orange for at least ten seconds! Well Done Team!


Then came the literacy, in which children had to generate the longest list of adjectives to describe a picture. The Totteridge Academy students praised Antony for his engagement with the activity, and he ended up winning the certificate for literacy.

After this was PE. We headed to the gym and sports hall for cricket, basketball, football and obstacle courses.


Finally was the languages part of the day. The children enjoyed partaking in various language learning activities in French and Spanish.

IMG_0227 IMG_0228

Very well done year 5. Miss Coy and Mrs Evans were so proud of all your hard work!