School Council

We are delighted to inform you of our new representaives on our School Council.

1G Kanghong

1K Leo

2R Georgia

2W Anna

3C Alicia

3R Amanda

4H Keelan

4D Beatrice

5M John

5B Ella

5D’A Alex

6C Willow

6V Oran

Next week we will display their photographs in the main hall on our School Council board and on our school website.  At our next meeting we will discuss their responsibilities and the importance of their commitment to be the ‘Voice of the Children’.

Rights Respecting Schools

Global Learning Platform

Thank you to Mrs Lown for the beautiful display in the main corridor of the 17 Global Goals.  It is in a cental place so this will enable the children to become very familiar with the different designs and their meanings.

  Goal 1

No Poverty-End poverty in all it’s forms everywhere. To achieve Goal 1, States have agreed to:

  • Ensure that everyone in society is protected
  • Ensure we help people who have less money
  • Protect people from climate-related extreme events, like floods and droughts

Bishop Sherrington visits St Catherine’s

It was wonderful to welcome Bishop John Sherrington to our school on Tuesday.   Bishop Sherrington has responsibility for the pastoral care of the parishes and deaneries of North London. He joined the year 3/4 children in a small gathering where the Rights Respecting Ambassadors led a short prayer service about praying for the children in God’s world and their responsibilities as ambassadors. Bishop John thanked them for their hard work and dedication. It gave everyone the opportunity to reflect on being part of God’s family.

Then Bishop John was taken on a tour of the school. Bishop John met all the children and gave them an opportunity to ask questions. There were some very interesting questions which Bishop John happily answered.

He was extremely impressed with the children and thanked us for the opportunity to meet the children, staff and some of our parents who were in the reception classes with their children.

6V Prayer Service

Thank you to Mrs Van den Abbeele and Class 6V for leading the first prayer service of our school year. Their prayer service began with a beautiful song called ‘Let us build a house where love can dwell’. Through their readings , singing and drama they told us about ‘The Solemn Re-opening of Mary Immaculate and St Gregory and the Consecration of the Altar’.  They reminded us all of how movng and special this ceremony was.

As Cardinal Nichols said the altar is a constant reminder of what God asked the disciples to do in memory of him. It also reminds us of the important part we play in God’s plan. God wants our Church and school to be places of love, places of welcome and places where our faith is continually strengthened. It was wonderful to see so many parents.

Handwriting pens

We have found over the past couple of years that the cost of purchasing handwriting pens for KS2 children has really escalated. It has also been noted that many children actually prefer bringing in their own pens. Therefore we would really appreciate it, if you are able to, if your child would bring in his/her own pen for writing.

In order to maintain consistency throughout KS2 the pens should not be biros, but BLUE ink gel/fine liner pens.

There are many pens on the market and some of the suitable, reasonably priced pens are :

Rymans online


These are just ideas for you – most stationers and supermarkets also sell either single pens or multi-packs.

If I could just reiterate we use blue ink pens in our work and no biros.

We will continue to supply pens for children for who need this option.

Thank you as always for your continued support – it is much appreciated.


Judy Van den Abbeele

KS2 Leader

Rights Respecting Schools

Our Class Charters are now up. We have concentrated on the articles below.

Article 29

The right to an education that develops their personality and talents to the fullest

Article 30

The right to practise one’s own culture

Article 14

The right to practise one’s own religion

Article 2

The right to be treated fairly

Article 24

The right to access clean water and nutritious food

Article 19

The right to protection from harm

Article 23

The right to support

Article 17

The right to have easy access to books and sources of information

Article 24

The right to have access to good medical care

Article 27

The right to housing and clothing

Our charters are visually very creative and we hope you stop and look at them when you visit our school. Each class also has ‘The article of the Month’  and ‘Thought for the Month’ as see below.

                                            Thought for the Month

Global Learning Platform

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. If these Goals are completed, it would mean an end to extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030. Our governments have a plan to save our planet…it’s our job to make sure they stick to it.

In last year’s newsletter we introduced you to the 17 goals. This half term the whole school are concentrating on ‘Every Plate tells a Story’.  The children will look at meals they like to eat. This could be a favourite meal or one they have recently eaten. The point is to think about what you are eating and how it links to the Goals. All the classes will watch the World’s Largest Lesson linked to this theme.  Here is the link for you to share this experience-

New School Year Mass

Thank you to Father John for coming to celebrate our ‘New School Year Mass’. It was a truly joyous occasion. The theme of the Mass was ‘Walk in the Light’. We know how important it is to live our faith and follow Jesus’ examples and teachings. Each of us can share the light of Jesus everyday! Each of us can make a difference by how we treat each other.

A special ‘Thank You’ to the children from Class 6V who led the Mass and read with such clarity and reverence. The children sang beautifully. It was wonderful to see so many parents .