St Catherine’s Girls Cricket Team

On Friday 9th June, St Catherine’s Girls Cricket team had a friendly match vs Christ Church Primary School.

The following girls represented the school:

Anna Bryce 5C

Victoria Carsen 5C (Captain)

Lily Freeman 5C

Niamh Gutherie 5C

Harmony Palmer 5C

Emila Pawluk 5C

Caitlyn Lee 5C

Kathleen Connors 5B

Iona McNulty 5B

Elia Seacole 5B

Christ Church Primary School won the toss and decided to bowl first.

St Catherine’s made 220 runs in the first innings. It was now Christ Church’s turn to bat and immediately in the first over they hit a 6. St Catherine’s knew we needed to keep our bowling and fielding tight. Christ Church defended their wicket very well and made it very difficult for St Catherine’s to gain a victory as they continued to score runs.

Christ Church Primary school managed to score 246 runs thereby beating St Catherine’s by 26runs. St Catherine’s Girls Cricket team gained a lot of experience and thoroughly enjoyed their training sessions with Nav Aktar the Old Elizabethan Cricket Coach.

Well played girls!

Year 5 & 6 Cricket Tournament 2nd Place!

St Catherine’s Year 5 & 6 boys were keen to get started and looked nervous before they started their first match.

When we arrived we were informed that all schools start on 200 runs and lost 5 runs for every wicket taken. In addition they explained all players needed to bowl one over and bat two overs  in batting pairs.

Our Batting partnerships were:

Luca B (5C) and Jeuz (6c)

Callum (6V) and Kevin (5B)

Daniel I (6C) and Oran (5C)

Robert (6V) and Marcus (5B)

Joe (5B) and Luca C (6c)

The tournament started with all schools playing a friendly with a team from their group and we played Brunswick Park Primary School . I am happy to report that we successfully beat  them as we scored 247 runs and they were unable to chase our target.

We then played Woodcroft Primary School and won by scoring 232 runs.

Next we played St Johns N11 Primary School where we scored 240 runs which resulted in another win.

Finally, we had a rematch with Brunswick Park Primary School and just scraped a win as they were beginning to work out our game strategy.

It was then announced that St Catherine’s had successfully passed the group stages and made it into the quarter final and were going to play Osidge. St Catherine’s continued their winning streak and won by 241 runs.

The pressure was now on and St Catherine’s were told that we were going to play Cromer Road Primary School which again we won by 5 runs as we scored 234 runs.

St Catherine’s were delighted to have made it into the final to play against Fould’s Primary School.  They were our biggest competition yet, you could tell our team was feeling the pressure and nerves were beginning to kick in. St Catherine’s won the toss and decided to bowl first. Fould’s started making quite a few boundaries which included 6’s too. This put the bowlers under pressure.  Although St Catherine’s had taken some excellent wickets, we had dropped 3 catches which could have given us a 15 run advantage. St Catherine’s when they came to bat were struggling to make runs as the fielding was very tight. It was even difficult to make quick singles. This meant St Catherine’s had a difficult target of chasing 247 runs. The game resulted in St Catherine’s scoring 225 runs.

Despite not winning the final, I am still very proud of my team for coming 2nd overall in the tournament. I would like to thank Nav Aktar from Old Elizabethans Cricket Club for all his help and support! Well done to all the boys that took part, you should feel really proud!

2nd place out of 25 schools!!!

Netball Central League Winners!!!


St Catherine’s have won all their games this season and as a result came first within the group stages.

On Friday 19th May, St Catherine’s played against Frith Manor Primary School as part of the central league final.

The team were nervous as there was a big gap from their previous matches.

1st Quarter – St Catherine’s 1     Frith Manor 0  (Isabella G 1 )

2nd Quarter – St Catherine’s 2     Frith Manor 0 (Michelle 1)

3rd Quarter – St Catherine’s 4     Frith Manor 2 ( Joseph 1 Sharelle 1)

4th Quarter – St Catherine’s 7     Frith Manor 2  ( Luca 2  Dara 1)

A massive congratulations to all the children that have represented St Catherine’s in this final: 

Daniel I (6C),  Luca C (6C), Jospeh B (6C), Michelle (6C), Francesca (6V), Dara (6V),  Sharelle (6V), Isabella G (5B)

Thank you to Mrs Grazioli, Miss Hoctor and Mrs Mirza who have supported the Netball team with training sessions.

St Catherine’s 7   vs   Frith Manor 2

St Catherine’s are central league winners!!!

Year 4 Tennis Competition- 2nd Place!

St Catherine’s for the first time attended the Year 3 & 4 Tennis Competition at Barnet Lawn Tennis club. Trials for this competition took place within PE lessons and the following children were selected to attend:

Pablo (4Y), Johnny H (4Y), Jessica (4Y), Matty (4Y),  Antonia (4D), Thomas (4D’A), Dalia (4D’A), Imogen (4D’A).

The children played really well and managed to come 2nd place overall out of 23 schools in Barnet!

2nd Place – Silver Medals – Year 3 & 4 Tennis Competition!

Girls Football – Central League Cup Final – 2nd place!

St Catherine’s girls football team were high in spirits yet nerves were beginning to show as the match began. We started with Niamh G (5C), Kathleen (5B), Molly (6V), Joanna (6C) all in defence as we did not know what to expect from St Johns Primary School. St John’s strikers were unable to get past our defence in the first half as they were unable to score and had very few attempts at goal. On the other hand Lily F (5C) in midfield continued to press forward on the counter attack which resulted in Francesca G (6V) scoring our first goal of the game.  At half time the score was 1-0 to St Catherine’s.  Harmony (5C) who was goalkeeper and did not concede any goals .

At the start of the second half St Johns were told to go for goal, which was clear as they had a lot more attempts at goal. This resulted in St John’s scoring a goal to make the score 1-1.  A change was then made as Isabella G (5B) switched with Kathleen in defence.  The game remained tight and the possession of the ball was equally split between the two teams. It was neck and neck!  Out of nowhere, a cross came into the St Johns striker who managed to volley the ball passed our defenders and straight into the back of the net. All of St Catherine’s defence were shocked and tried to push back to reclaim victory. However, with only 5 minutes on the clock there was not enough time and unfortunately St John’s won 2-1!

As manager I am extremely proud of the girls football team, they have worked extremely hard this season. Even though we did not win the cup, it is still an achievement for the school to come 2nd place out of 8 schools in our central league division. Well done!!!

St Catherine’s have come 2nd place out of 8 schools in the Central League cup!



New Sport – Year 6 – Pop Lacrosse

IMG_1849     IMG_1856    IMG_1866 IMG_1868   IMG_1875 IMG_1883   IMG_1901 IMG_1903 IMG_1909
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St Catherine’s chose to spend part of the sports premium to encourage and develop new sports within the school. This year was our first year trying a new sport called Pop Lacrosse. It is very similar to Lacrosse, however the equipment has been adapted to be used for primary aged children.

We piloted this sport with Year 6 as we felt it was their last year in primary school and it could be a sport they pursue in secondary school.

Both 6V and 6C have thoroughly enjoyed playing this sport and thanked Mrs Mirza for introducing such a fun and exciting sport.

“It’s harder than it looks but still really enjoyable!” Molly Reid 6V

” I liked the fact that Pop Lacrosse was a challenge, as catching the ball without crossing over your hands can be difficult if your not in the right position.” Daniel Iwu 6C

The  has sport proven to be so popular that Mrs Mirza will be running a Pop Lacrosse club after school every  Thursdays for Years 4-6.


Girls Football Team – Winners of Pool A


A massive congratulations to the girls football team, who have successfully won all their games this season, except for their last game they drew.

Please see the results below:

St Catherine’s vs Foulds Primary School

2                   –            1

St Catherine’s vs All Saints Primary School

3                –           0

St Catherine’s vs Whitings Hill Primary School

3                –             3

Goals scored this season:

Lily Freeman (5C)  1      Francesca Grazilio  7

St Catherine’s and Whitings Hill have won 2 games and have drawn 1 so both schools have an equal number of points. However, St Catherine’s have been pronounced winners of the group based on goal difference +2 goals scored.

St Catherine’s are the winners of Pool A and are yet to play the winners of Pool B!

Thank you to all our players: Harmony (5C), Lily (5C), Niamh (5C), Isabella (5B), Kathleen (5B), Molly (6V), Francesca (6V) and Joanna (6C).

St Catherine’s Netball A team win all matches in Pool A in the Central League!



St Catherine’s A team Netball Match vs St Andrew’s Primary School

This Tuesday St Catherine’s had their final league match against St Andrews.

Prior to the match Francesca G(6V) was ill and Lucas. R (5C) was unable to attend our final game so Joseph. B (6C) agreed to step in. Considering this was not our full team,  the team did feel uneasy to start. However, Miss Hoctor reminded them they need to keep a positive mindset and focus on covering up our weaknesses.

In the first quarter, Michelle(6V) played centre and tried hard to feed the ball to our shooters  Daniel I(6C) and Isabella G(5B). Our defenders Luca.C (6C) and Sharelle(6V) were so tight that the ball did not enter St Andrew’s shooting circle. Because, we were rushing our passing during this quarter we were not able to score as many goals as we would have liked and a few excellent interceptions were made by St Andrews.  The first quarter finished 4-0 to St Catherine’s.

In the second quarter, Joseph B came on as centre and worked well with Sharelle and Michelle who also scored 4 goals in this quarter. Dara (6V) and Daniel I. ensured that St Andrew’s shooters had no chance at scoring by constantly marking their players.  At the end of the second quarter the score was 8-0 to St Catherine’s.

In the third quarter, Luca. C (6C) stepped in as centre and focused on getting into a space to support his shooters- Joseph and Sharelle, especially round the edge of the circle. Both shooters used the support of their centre to take shots that were close to the post, which surprised our opponents. At one point there was a fear that Joseph was going to need to be substituted as he had injured his hand prior to the game and was struggling to catch the ball- he remained resilient and did not let this affect the game. Isabella G(5B) and Michelle(6C) had a tough job keeping their shooters out of the circle and communicated well to ensure once again that St Andrew’s did not score any goals. At the end of the third quarter, the score was 13-0.

In our final quarter, the team were confident that we were going to win but at the same time knew they couldn’t be complacent. In all our games this quarter, we have generated the most goals in the past so spirits were high. Daniel I was now centre and fed the ball to Dara and Luca C. who worked brilliantly together to score 6 goals in this quarter. With Isabella and Sharelle in defence we knew St Andrew’s did not have a chance to score. Within the last minute of the game, there was a torrential rain storm and there was a debate as to whether the game would continue. St Andrew’s opted to continue and so the final score at the end of the game was 19-0.

Final score:     St Catherine’s 19    –   St Andrew’s 0       

As a result of winning all our league matches in Pool A, we will be playing the Winners of Pool B in order to decide the central league Netball cup winners!

A massive well done to all the following children who have represented St Catherine’s A team this season:

Daniel. I (6C), Luca (6C), Michelle (6C), Dara (6V), Francesca (6V), Sharelle (6V), Isabella G (5B), Lucas R (5C) and Joseph B (6C)

Netball Match – St Catherine’s vs Underhill Primary School- Unbelievable Victory to date!

St Catherine’s were nervous to start as they hadn’t had a league match since January and this was their first match at home match. Despite nerves, the team knew they needed to stay positive.

In the first quarter, St Catherine’s were off to a brilliant start where Francesca (centre)  fed the ball into the shooters Daniel I (GS) and Isabella G (GA) brilliantly. Our defenders SharelleaTiapi-Tawamba (6V) and Luca Cavallo(6C) ensured the quarter finished goalless and eagerly grabbed rebounds where possible. Daniel I scored 6 amazing goals and Isbaella G scored 2 great goals.  At the end of the first quarter, the score was 8-0 to St Catherine’s.

In the second quarter, all players had rotated into new positions, which meant Joseph B(6C) now came on and played centre. He made some sensible passes providing the shooters more of an opportunity to score.  Dara Sweeney(6V) and Daniel Iwu worked hard together in defence to ensure the shooters did not enter the circle. Underhill came fighting back in the second quarter and did not allow our shooters to score a goal and made some excellent interceptions.  The score at the end of the second quarter was still 8-0 to St Catherine’s.

Now in the third quarter, St Catherine’s had to change shooting ends, which didn’t’ seem to faze our new shooters Sharelle (6V) and Joesph B (6C). Sharelle scored three amazing goals and Joesph B scored 4 brilliant goals .  Luca was now centre and leapt around grabbing loose balls as well as fed the ball well into the circle. Our defence Isabella and Michelle formed a great partnership and ensured the shooters were unable to score.  At the end of the third quarter,  the score was 15-0  to St Catherine’s! Dara was injuried and unable to play in the final quarter so Isbaella took her place.

The final quarter was upon us now and Sharelle and Francesca our defenders were a great team and communicated well with one another to ensure Underhill did not score. Meanwhile, in the shooting circle we now had Luca C and Isabella G who proved tohave a great shooting partnership. Luca with the support of Daniel I and Isbaella scored  4 remarkable goals this quarter whilst Isabella scored 2 goals.  Daniel Iwu was an amazing centre as he was constantly darting around the court to ensure the ball did not enter the centre third. Consequently, giving St Catherine’s an 21-0 victory for our third Netball match of the season.

St Catherines 21-  Underhill- 0

Once again thank you to Miss Hoctor and Mrs Grazioli for all their hard work and dedication during Netball training sessions, without their support and input this victory could not have been possible!

Team photo to follow…

Key Steps Gymnastics results

On Wednesday 15th March it was the first time St Catherine’s had participated in the Key Steps Gymnastics competition at Queen Elizabeth Girls School.

In Year 2, the following children have worked extremely hard to memorise three routines: Body Management, Floorwork and the Vault.

Year 1 & 2 St Catherine's Gold Medalists Yr 1 & 2 team photo (wall) Yr 1 & 2 team photo pose

Karl (2B), Patrick (2B), Ines (2C), Amanda (2C), Lewis (2C) and Kila (2B)

Congratulations to our Year 2 team that came 1st this competition (Gold Medallist) out of 12 schools in Barnet.

In Year 3 & 4, the children were faced with more complex routines involving a spring board, box, floor routines and body management.

Yr 3 & 4 team photo

Despite the challenges our team had to face, they remained positive and maintained a growth mindset. Consequently, this has resulted in them winning 1st place within the competition.

Congratulations to our Year 3 & 4 team that came 1st this competition (Gold Medallist) out of 14 schools in Barnet.

I am also happy to announce that St Catherine’s has been selected to represent the whole of Barnet in the London Heathrow Youth Games in July. 

Austin (4Y), John (4D’A), Marley(4D’A), Beatrice (3I), Sierra (3H) and Jessica G (3I)

In Year 5 & 6, our opponents were very accomplished Gymnasts who have competed regionally, which presented tension within the team. However, once again team spirits were high and our team had their game face on! The standard of gymnastics was extremely high and the routines were very complex from round offs and arabesques to high vaults.

Yr 5 & 6 team photo

A massive congratulations to our Year 5 & 6 team for achieving 3rd place (Bronze Medallists) out of 16 schools within Barnet. 

It just goes to show with hard work and dedication anything is possible!

Clearly the standard of Gymnastics is high at St Catherine’s.

Thank you to all the parents who supported their child memorise the routine!

Kind Regards, Mrs Mirza

Sara (6V). Callum (5C), Lydia(6V), Oran (5C), Dami(5C) and Lily (5C)