Curriculum IMPACT Meetings

These meeting are an opportunity to meet the year group class teachers and receive

information related to:

  • What is special about the year group?
  • RE Overview
  • Responsibilities
  • Home Learning
  • Literacy and Maths Overviews
  • Safeguarding

Here are the dates of the forthcoming Curriculum Impact meetings. These meetings are very informative. You will get the opportunity to meet the new class teachers and teaching support staff, see the learning environment and have a greater understanding of the curriculum coverage this academic year.



Tuesday 12th Sept 9a.m. Year 6

Wednesday 13th September 9a.m. Year 5

Thursday 14th September 9a.m. Year 4

Friday 15th September 9a.m. Year 3

Tuesday 19th September 9a.m. Year 2

 Tuesday 26th September 9a.m. Year 1 

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